honey, I have another confession to make.

I used to be just pussy-whipped. various women throughout my adult life right up to you have used their lovely vaginas as a powerful negotiating tool over me for getting their way.

now I also feel the same for men’s bodies. the promise of a warm, long, thick and hard cock in me would equally put me in the palm of your hand.

I’d roll over and present myself instantly to a nice cock, no contest.

one day I realized I needed to express this to you, to share this openly with the woman in my life, giving you a more complete sense of who I am and more flexibility in the power dynamic.

I longed to be fully honest and bare my true self before you, able to relate together on whole new levels about men or women, what we think about this one or that one, how amazing it is to feel a man or woman inside, stories of yummy bodies regardless of gender or just other tales of warm, naked, forbidden kissing and fumblings with unseen bodies in the dark. we’d finally be able to amuse ourselves comparing notes on pleasing him or her and thoughts about enjoying the taste and sensations of making them cum and having their come inside us.

honey, I knew inside — and wanted you to know and explore — this tender, more submissive, hidden side of me, any similar feelings you may have, and how all this fits into the dynamics of our overall affection and sex life together. for all the times that you simply don’t want anything to do with my penis or dressing up this will provide all sorts of other options we can explore.

hopefully this is somehow just the beginning of a whole new life together.

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